Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 2 - Hello Costa Rica

Day 2 is where the trip really started. The group woke up early and ate breakfast at Tilawa, with food prepared by the hotel staff members.

Advice: Be prepared to eat a lot of rice and beans; it's served with almost every meal.

After breakfast, we got our first taste of what the GREEN program was: a mix of education and adventure in Costa Rica. At the hotel, we had our first class given by J.P., one of the founders of the GREEN program. J.P.'s aim was to not only teach the GREEN students about alternative energy, but to "inoculate" us with a GREEN bug, meaning that we would leave wanting and knowing how to make every aspect of our lives more sustainable. During our first class, we learned about geothermal energy, to be elaborated on in the following post.

Following class, we went on our first hike. We trekked through jungle to a natural lake at the base of a waterfall. This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. As soon as we arrived, we swam underneath the beautiful falls and slid on natural water slides. 

Advice: Be prepared for a lot of hiking. Bring multiple pairs of shoes, as they will most likely get wet, multiple pairs of long socks and plenty of bug spray.

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