Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 3 - The Geothermal Plant

On the third day of the trip we had our first plant visit - a geothermal energy plant. Geothermal energy is taking the heat stored within the earth and harvesting it as steam to create energy. We were invited into the plant and saw the different components of the energy production.

That night we visited another hotel where a previous GREEN group was staying. This group was a couple days ahead of us on the program, and that night we learned about our final project - the Capstone project. The Capstone project is a research project where we pick a topic related to sustainability, research it during our stay in Costa Rica, and present it toward the end of our trip. While at the other hotel, we watched the Capstone presentations of the previous group, hoping to glean some inspiration for our own projects. The presentations we saw were definitely inspiring - we watched students who had researched how to effect change and bring resources to less privileged people in Africa, and a group who wanted to install turbines under water to use the ocean currents to generate electricity. 

Following the presentations we were given Merengue and Salsa dance lessons, and we danced the night away, one group basking in the end of their studies in Costa Rica, the other celebrating in the beginning of theirs. 

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