Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 7 - Adventure and Relaxation

On the seventh day, we rested.

This day consisted of a change of hotel and adventure. Though most of the day was traveling, we definitely had a lot of fun, too.

That afternoon we ziplined. This was the first time I had ever gone ziplining, and it was a little scary at first. The adventure started out with a hike up through a rainforest to reach the platforms where our ziplining began. Ziplining started out up high, and involved sliding down through various platforms. We were sliding over the tops of trees and had beautiful views of the lands we were staying on. We even had the chance to hang upside down in our harnesses while we ziplined!

The ziplining was super fun, but with a group 25 people large, it took longer than expected. As I was one of the last people to participate, I was up there as the sun set, and got to zipline through a foggy rainforest at night. Though visibility was low, it was a ton of fun. The only problem was that the hike started out as a hot afternoon, and as the evening set in, it started raining, and by the end most of the people coming off of the zipline were freezing.

To warm up, that night we stayed in a hotel where there were, luckily, a bunch of natural and artificial hot springs. We swam and rested all night in the hot water, enjoying and basking in our stay in Costa Rica. 

All these pictures are of the natural hot springs

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