Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 8 - Virgin Forest and Volcano Mud

On day 8, we had our most raw adventure day of them all. It started out with a hike through virgin forest. We slid down paths slippery with mud, and helped each other out until we arrived at our destination - a pit filled with mud from a volcano. Never in my life have I seen such a variety of mud (I know it doesn't sound impressive, but it was pretty cool). There were muds in shades of brown, red, purple, blue and pink. The mud was surrounded by water, boiling from the heat of the nearby volcano. The mud was good for your skin, so during our time there, we covered our skin in it and after ward felt refreshed. After cleaning off in a nearby river, we hiked back to the bus.

Another GREEN colleague and me after the mud

The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing the final touches on our Capstone projects, which were to be presented the next day.

Advice: Wifi is spotty and often hard to find in Costa Rica. If you need internet, make sure you plan carefully ahead. This aspect of Costa Rica added some challenges to our Capstone projects.

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