Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 6 - A whole lot of learning

Us with the family we helped with community service
On day 6 we visited another type of renewable energy plant - Hydroelectric. This type of energy uses water movement and currents to produce electricity. Like the other forms of electricity, we had studied this one  previously with J.P. in a classroom setting.

This day we also practiced community service. As a group we traveled down to a village within Costa Rica. Since its inception, GREEN has begun installing rain water collection systems into houses in Costa Rica. Most of the people in the village we visited in Costa Rica live without running water. For our community service, we installed a system in two houses where water is collected during rain storms so that if the village has trouble accessing water, the people we have helped have supplementary supplies of water. We were greeted warmly by the people we were helping - they offered us food and drink for our service, as well as many thank you's. It was very rewarding, and I'm grateful that this trip had an opportunity for us to help out and give back.

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